Welcome to Grimoire City
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In the vacant but vast city of Grimoire, secrets and terrorific mystery awaits for those who fall into the clutches of the city.

You arrive, as if by magic, in a sparsely decorated but moderately comfortable room in the Restless Reaper; the staff are welcoming, the setting is comfortable, it’s a vacation after all, right? It’s meant to be relaxing. Are you relaxed? Are you calm? Isn’t this nice?

At first glance, the city seems perfectly normal; normal places, normal people, normal everything. Other than how you got there. Then you start to notice things. The staff don’t acknowledge anything strange, in fact, they barely speak to you beyond ‘how is your stay’, ‘would you like another pillow’, ‘that’s not an exit, sir’ and ‘hello, welcome to the the city of Grimoire, how can I help you?’ Actually, you're pretty certain most of them are robots, like those weird bus drivers.

Further inspection of the city will show you some startling facts; first, you cannot leave, no matter how far you run, no matter how fast you go, there is no escape. Second, there are ghastly goings on in this place; the dark comes and the citizens disappear, you get safe or you get dead. Death is not a sanctuary, death is only a stepping stone.

Welcome to Grimoire, the city that has more secrets than it has bodies -and the graveyard is very full. Upon your arrival, you will receive a letter of welcome from the proprietor of the hotel, a hand held communication device for you to speak to your fellow guests, a map of the town and time to enjoy your stay here in Grimoire, the city of weird goings on. You could even visit Marrowood, a small desolate town just a few miles down the track. But be careful, that town is really weird.

Horrorathon is a panfandom horror genre game with small character development plots and an unwinding backstory for growth. The game will feature aspects of numerous horror movies, games, shows, comics and books and will involve player engagement as well as mod run larger plots to progress the game and maintain character development.